1 Maccabees 12:39-49

39 Then Trypho plotted a rebellion against King Antiochus so that he could make himself king of Syria.
40 He was afraid, however, that Jonathan would not agree to this and would go to war against him to prevent it. So Trypho got his army ready and went to Beth Shan in the hope of capturing Jonathan and putting him to death.
41 But Jonathan also came to Beth Shan with 40,000 well-trained soldiers.
42 When Trypho saw how large an army Jonathan had brought with him, he was afraid to take action.
43 So he received Jonathan with all honors, presented him to all his advisers, gave him gifts, and ordered his advisers and soldiers to obey Jonathan as they would him.
44 He asked Jonathan, "Why have you put these soldiers to so much trouble when we are not at war?
45 Why don't you send them home? Choose a few men to stay with you, and then accompany me to Ptolemais. I will hand the city over to you, as well as the rest of the fortresses, the troops, and all the officials. Then I will turn around and leave. In fact, that's why I am here."
46 Jonathan believed him, and following his advice, sent his soldiers back to Judea.
47 He took 3,000 men with him, but left 2,000 of them in Galilee, while only 1,000 accompanied him the rest of the way.
48 But when Jonathan entered Ptolemais, the people of the city locked the gates, arrested him, and killed everyone who had come with him.
49 Trypho sent infantry and cavalry units to Galilee and Jezreel Valley to kill the rest of Jonathan's soldiers.