2 Esdras 11:41-46

41 with a total disregard for truth.
42 You have viciously attacked harmless people who were living in peace; you have hated those who spoke the truth, and you have loved liars. You have destroyed the homes of those who were prosperous and have torn down the walls of those who did you no harm.
43 God Most High knows how proud and arrogant you are. The Almighty One
44 has looked back over the world he established. The end has come; the final age is over.
45 So, Eagle, the time has come for you to vanish, along with your big, terrible wings, your small, wicked wings, your evil heads, your awful claws, and your whole worthless body.
46 The entire world will be set free from your violence and renewed as it sets its hope on the judgment and mercy of God, who created it."