2 Esdras 7:47-57

47 Now I understand that the world to come will bring joy to only a few, but torment to many.
48 The evil impulse within us has grown and it has led us away from God's ways, brought us to ruin, put us on the way to death and destruction, and taken us far from life. It has destroyed not only a few, but almost everyone who was ever created."
49 "Listen to me," the angel said, "and I will teach you further and correct your thinking.
50 Because only a few will be saved, God created two worlds, instead of only one.
51 As you say, only a few people are righteous, but there are large numbers of wicked people. But listen:
52 If you had only a few precious stones, would you add lumps of lead and clay to them in order to have more?"
53 "Surely no one would do that, sir," I answered.
54 "Take another illustration," he continued. "The earth itself will give you an answer if you humbly ask it
55 whether it produces more gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, or clay.
56 There is more silver than gold, more copper than silver, more iron than copper, more lead than iron, and more clay than lead.
57 So judge for yourself which are more desirable and valuable, common things or rare things."