Bel 1:24-34

24 One day the king said to Daniel, "You can't tell me that this god is not alive. So worship him!"
25 "I worship the Lord," replied Daniel. "He is the only living God.
26 And if Your Majesty will give me permission, I will kill this dragon of yours without using a sword or a club." "You have my permission," answered the king.
27 So Daniel took some tar, some fat, and some hair and boiled them all together. He made cakes out of the mixture and fed them to the dragon. When the dragon ate them, it swelled up and burst open. "That's the kind of thing you Babylonians worship," said Daniel.
28 When the people of Babylon heard what had happened, they staged an angry demonstration against the king. "The king has become a Jew," they shouted. "First he destroyed Bel and slaughtered the priests, and now he has killed our dragon."
29 They went to the king and demanded that Daniel be handed over to them. "If you refuse," they warned the king, "we will put you and your family to death."
30 When the king saw that they meant what they said, he was forced to hand Daniel over to them.
31 They threw him into a pit of lions, where they left him for six days. 1
32 There were seven lions in the pit, and normally they were fed two human bodies and two sheep each day. But they were given nothing to eat during these six days, in order to make sure that Daniel would be eaten.
33 At that time the prophet Habakkuk was in the land of Judah. He had cooked a stew and crumbled bread into it. He was carrying a bowl of it to the workers who were out in the fields harvesting grain,
34 when an angel of the Lord spoke to him, "Take the food you are carrying and give it to Daniel, who is in Babylon in a pit of lions."