Ben Sira 31:10-20

10 If anyone has ever passed this test, he can well be proud. Has anyone ever known that he could get away with cheating someone, and not taken advantage of it?
11 If so, he deserves his wealth, and everyone will praise him for his generosity.
12 When you sit down at a fancy banquet, don't let your mouth hang open, and don't say, "Look at all that food!"
13 It is impolite to have a greedy eye; remember that. Nothing in creation is greedier than the eye; that is why it sheds tears so often.
14 Don't reach out for everything you see, and don't elbow people out of the way to get at the food.
15 Be considerate of the other people at the table and treat them the way you want to be treated.
16 When you get your food, eat it like a human being. Don't smack and slurp; nobody can stand that.
17 It's good manners to be the first to stop eating; stuffing yourself is offensive.
18 If there are many people present, don't try to be the first to be served.
19 A little bit is plenty for anyone with good manners. Besides, you won't be short of breath when you go to bed.
20 People who eat too much get stomach aches and cannot sleep. If you don't overeat, you can get a good night's sleep and wake up early the next morning feeling fine.