Ben Sira 47:4-14

4 When he was still a boy, he killed a giant to rescue his people. He put a stone in his sling, took aim, and put an end to Goliath's bragging.
5 He prayed to the Lord, the Most High, and was given the strength to kill that famous soldier, so that the nations would have respect for the power of his people.
6 The people honored him for killing his tens of thousands, and when he was crowned king, they praised him for being chosen by the Lord.
7 He wiped out all his enemies and permanently crushed the Philistines, so that they never again became a threat.
8 In everything David did, he gave thanks and praise to the Holy Lord, the Most High. He loved his Creator and sang praises to him with all his heart.
9 He put singers at the altar to provide beautiful music.
10 He set the times of the festivals throughout the year and made them splendid occasions; the Temple rang with the Lord's praises all day long.
11 The Lord forgave David's sin and established his power forever. He made a covenant with him that he and his descendants would reign in splendor over Israel.
12 David prepared the way well for his son, a wise man, to rule after him.
13 There was no war while Solomon was king. God gave him peace on all his borders, so that he could build for the Lord a Temple which would stand forever. 1
14 How wise you were, Solomon, when you were young! Your knowledge was like the Nile in flood.