1 Corinthians 11:6-26

6 So if a woman doesn't cover her head, she should cut off her hair. If it's a disgrace for a woman to cut off her hair or shave her head, she should cover her head.
7 A man should not cover his head. He is God's image and glory. The woman, however, is man's glory.
8 Clearly, man wasn't made from woman but woman from man.
9 Man wasn't created for woman but woman for man.
10 Therefore, a woman should wear something on her head to show she is under [someone's] authority, out of respect for the angels.
11 Yet, as believers in the Lord, women couldn't exist without men and men couldn't exist without women.
12 As a woman came into existence from a man, so men come into existence by women, but everything comes from God.
13 Judge your own situation. Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered?
14 Doesn't nature itself teach you that it is disgraceful for a man to have long hair?
15 Doesn't it teach you that it is a woman's pride to wear her hair long? Her hair is given to her in place of a covering.
16 If anyone wants to argue about this [they can't, because] we don't have any custom like this--nor do any of the churches of God.
17 I have no praise for you as I instruct you in the following matter: When you gather, it results in more harm than good.
18 In the first place, I hear that when you gather as a church you split up into opposing groups. I believe some of what I hear.
19 Factions have to exist in order to make it clear who the genuine believers among you are.
20 When you gather in the same place, you can't possibly be eating the Lord's Supper.
21 Each of you eats his own supper [without waiting for each other]. So one person goes hungry and another gets drunk.
22 Don't you have homes in which to eat and drink? Do you despise God's church and embarrass people who don't have anything to eat? What can I say to you? Should I praise you? I won't praise you for this.
23 After all, I passed on to you what I had received from the Lord. On the night he was betrayed, the Lord Jesus took bread
24 and spoke a prayer of thanksgiving. He broke the bread and said, "This is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me."
25 When supper was over, he did the same with the cup. He said, "This cup is the new promise made with my blood. Every time you drink from it, do it to remember me."
26 Every time you eat this bread and drink from this cup, you tell about the Lord's death until he comes.
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