2 Samuel 7:1-20

1 While King David was living in his house, the LORD gave him peace with all his enemies around him.
2 So the king said to the prophet Nathan, "Look, I'm living in a house made of cedar, while the ark of God remains in the tent."
3 Nathan told the king, "Do everything you have in mind, because the LORD is with you."
4 But that same night the LORD spoke his word to Nathan:
5 "Say to my servant David, 'This is what the LORD says: Are you the one who will build me a house to live in?
6 I haven't lived in a house from the day I took Israel out of Egypt to this day. Instead, I moved around in a tent, the tent [of meeting].
7 In all the places I've moved with all the Israelites, did I ever ask any of the judges of Israel whom I ordered to be shepherds of my people Israel why they didn't build me a house of cedar?'
8 "Now this is what you will say to my servant David: 'This is what the LORD of Armies says: I took you from the pasture where you followed sheep so that you could be the leader of my people Israel.
9 I was with you wherever you went, and I destroyed all your enemies in front of you. I will make your name famous like the names of the greatest people on earth.
10 I will make a place for my people Israel and plant them there. They will live in their own place and not be troubled anymore. The wicked will no longer oppress them as they used to do
11 ever since I appointed judges to rule my people Israel. So I will give you peace with all your enemies. I, the LORD, tell you that I will make a house for you.
12 "'When the time comes for you to lie down in death with your ancestors, I will send one of your descendants, [one] who will come from you. I will establish his kingdom.
13 He will build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.
14 I will be his Father, and he will be my Son. If he sins, I will punish him with a rod and with blows inflicted by people.
15 But I will never stop showing him my love as I did to Saul, whom I took out of your way.
16 Your royal house will remain in my presence forever. Your throne will be established forever.'"
17 Nathan told David all these words and everything he had seen.
18 King David went into the tent and sat in front of the LORD. "Who am I, Almighty LORD," he asked, "and why is my house so important that you have brought me this far?
19 And even this you consider to be a small act, Almighty LORD. You've also spoken about the distant future of my house. Almighty LORD, this is the teaching about the man.
20 "What more can I, David, say to you, Almighty LORD, since you know me so well!