This chapter expresses David's concern for building an house for the
ark of God, which he communicated to Nathan the prophet, and was
approved of by him, \\#2Sa 7:1-3\\; and who was that night sent by the Lord
to David, to acquaint him, that as he had for many years dwelt in a
tent, and had never given directions to the tribes of Israel, and the
rulers of them, to build him an house, so neither should David build
him one; but his son that would succeed him in the throne should; and
also observes to him the many great things he had done for him, and
promises him more, and particularly the establishment of his throne and
kingdom for ever, in which he has respect to the Messiah, that should
spring from him, \\#2Sa 7:4-17\\. Then follows a prayer of David, in which
he expresses the sense he had of the greatness and goodness of God, and
of his own unworthiness to receive such favours from him he had,
returns him thanks for the promises he had made, and prays for the
performance of them, \\#2Sa 7:18-29\\.