Joshua 23:1-8

1 A long time afterward, the LORD gave the Israelites peace with all their enemies around them. Joshua was old, near the end of his life.
2 So he called all the leaders, chiefs, judges, and officers of Israel together. He said to them, "I am old, near the end of my life.
3 You have seen for yourselves everything the LORD your God did to all those nations. The LORD your God fought for you!
4 I have given you the territory of the nations that still remain as an inheritance for your tribes. This includes the territory of all the nations I have already destroyed from the Jordan River westward to the Mediterranean Sea
5 The LORD your God will expel them right in front of your eyes and force them out of your way. You will take their land as the LORD your God told you.
6 Now you must be very strong to keep and to do everything written in the Book of Moses' Teachings. Don't turn away from them.
7 Don't get mixed up with the nations left in your territory. Don't ever mention the names of their gods or swear an oath to them. Don't ever serve their gods or bow down to them.
8 But you must be loyal to the LORD your God, as you have been until now.