Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 3

Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 3
  • Argument

    The Mode Of Obtaining The Grace Of Christ,The Benefits It Confers And The Effects Resulting From It

  • Chapter 1

    The benefits of Christ made available to us by the secret operation of the Spirit.

  • Chapter 2

    Of faith. The definition of it. Its peculiar properties.

  • Chapter 3

    Regeneration by faith. Of repentance.

  • Chapter 4

    Penitence, as explained in the sophistical jargon of the schoolmen, widely different from the purity required by the Gospel.

  • Chapter 5

    Of the modes of supplementing satisfaction--viz. indulgences and purgatory.

  • Chapter 6

    The life of a Christian man. Scriptural arguments exhorting to it.

  • Chapter 7

    A summary of the Christian life. Of self-denial.

  • Chapter 8

    Of bearing the cross--one branch of self-denial.

  • Chapter 9

    Of meditating on the future life.

  • Chapter 10

    How to use the present life, and the comforts of it.

  • Chapter 11

    Of justification by faith, both the name and the reality defined.

  • Chapter 12

    Necessity of contemplating the judgment-seat of God, in order to be seriously convinced of the doctrine of gratuitous justification.

  • Chapter 13

    Two things to be observed in gratuitous justification.

  • Chapter 14

    The beginning of justification. In what sense progressive.

  • Chapter 15

    The boasted merit of works subversive both of the glory of God, in bestowing righteousness, and of the certainty of salvation.

  • Chapter 16

    Refutation of the calumnies by which it is attempted to throw odium on this doctrine.

  • Chapter 17

    The promises of the law and the Gospel reconciled.

  • Chapter 18

    The righteousness of works improperly inferred from rewards.

  • Chapter 19

    Of Christian liberty.

  • Chapter 20

    Of prayer--a perpetual exercise of faith. The daily benefits derived from it.

  • Chapter 21

    Of the eternal election, by which God has predestined some to salvation, and others to destruction.

  • Chapter 22

    This doctrine confirmed by proofs from Scripture.

  • Chapter 23

    Refutation of the calumnies by which this doctrine is always unjustly assailed.

  • Chapter 24

    Election confirmed by the calling of God. The reprobate bring upon themselves the righteous destruction to which they are doomed.

  • Chapter 25

    Of the last resurrection.