Volume 5

Birth Of Solomon To Reign Of Ahab

Jewish view of the history of David - Amnon's crime - Absalom's vengeance - flight of Absalom - the wise woman of Tekoah - Absalom returns to Jerusalem - his conspiracy - David's flight

Ahithophel's twofold advice - Hushai prevents imminent danger - David is informed, and crosses the Jordan - the battle in the forest - death of Absalom - mourning of David - David's measures - return to Gilgal - Barzillai and Joab as representative men of their period - federal republican rising under Sheba - murder of Amasa - death of Sheba.

The famine - the pestilence - the temple arrangements - David's last hymn and prophetic utterance.

Adonijah's attempt to seize the throne - anointing of Solomon - great assembly of the chiefs of the people - dying charge of David - Adonijah's second attempt and punishment - execution of Joab and of Shimei.

Solomon marries the daughter of Pharaoh - his sacrifice at Gibeon - his dream and prayer - Solomon's wisdom - Solomon's officers and court - prosperity of the country - understanding and knowledge of the king.

The building of Solomon's temple - preparations for it - plan and structure of the temple, internal fittings - history of the temple - Jewish traditions.

Dedication of the temple - when it took place - connection with the feast of tabernacles - the consecration services - the king's part in them - symbolical meaning of the great institutions in Israel - the prayer of consecration - analogy to the Lord's prayer - the consecration - thanksgiving and offerings.

The surroundings of the temple - description of Jerusalem at the time of solomon - the palace of solomon - Solomon's fortified cities - external relations of the kingdom - internal state - trade - wealth - luxury - the visit of the queen of Sheba.

Solomon's court - his polygamy - spread of foreign ideas in the country - imitation of foreign manners - growing luxury - Solomon's spiritual decline - judgment predicted - Solomon's enemies: Hadad, Rezon, Jeroboam - causes of popular discontent - Ahijah's prediction of the disruption - Jeroboam's rebellion and flight into Egypt - death of Solomon.

Family of Solomon - age of Rehoboam - his character - religious history of Israel and Judah - the assembly at Shechem - Jeroboam's return from Egypt - Rehoboam's answer to the deputies in Shechem - revolt of the ten tribes - the reigns of Rehoboam and of Jeroboam - invasion of Judah by Shishak - church and state in Israel - Rehoboam's attempt to recover rule over the ten tribes - his family history - religious decline in Israel, and its consequences.

Political measures of Jeroboam - the golden calves - the new priesthood and the new festival - the man of Elohim from Judah - his message and sign - Jeroboam struck by Jehovah and miraculously restored - invitation to the man of Elohim - heathen view of miracles - the old prophet - return of the man of Elohim to Bethel - JUDGMENT on his disobedience - character of the old prophet and of the man of Elohim - sickness of the pious child of Jeroboam - mission of his mother to Ahijah - predicted judgment - death of the child - remaining notices of Jeroboam.

Accession of Abijah - his idolatry - war between Judah and Israel - Abijah's address to Israel and victory - deaths of Jeroboam and of Abijah - accession of Asa - religious reformation in Judah - invasion by Zerah the Ethiopian - victory of Zephathah - Azariah's message to the army of Asa - great sacrificial feast at Jerusalem - renewal of the covenant with Jehovah.

Reign of Nadab - his murder by Baasha - war between Judah and Israel - Baasha's alliance with Syria - Asa gains over Ben-Hadad - prophetic message to Asa - resentment of the king - Asa's religious decline - death of Asa, death of Baasha, reign of Elah - his murder by Zimri - Omri dethrones Zimri - war between Omri and Tibni - rebuilding of Samaria.

Accession of Ahab - further religious decline in Israel - political relations between Israel and Judah - accession of Jehoshaphat - Ahab's marriage with Jezebel - the worship of Baal and Astarte established in Israel - character of Ahab - religious reforms in Judah - Jehoshaphat joins affinity with Ahab - marriage of Jehoram with Athaliah, and its consequences.

Rebuilding of Jericho - the mission of Elijah - his character and life - Elijah's first appearance - parallelism with Noah, Moses, and John the baptist - Elijah's message to King Ahab - sojourn by the brook Cherith - Elijah with the widow of Sarepta - the barrel of meal wastes not, nor does the cruse of oil fail - lessons of his sojourn - sickness and death of the widow's son - he is miraculously restored to life