Volume 6

The Reign Of Ahab To The Decline Of The Two Kingdoms

Three Years' Famine in Israel - Elijah meets Obadiah and Ahab - The Gathering on Mount Carmel - the Priests of Baal - Description of their Rites - Elijah prepares the Sacrifice - The Answer by Fire - Israel's Decision - Slaughter of the Priests of Baal - The Cloud not bigger than a Man's Hand - Elijah runs before Ahab to Jezreel

Different Standpoint of the Old and the New Testament - analogy between Elijah and John the Baptist - Jezebel threatens Elijah's Life - The Prophet's Flight - His Miraculous Provision - Analogy between Moses and Elijah - Elijah at Mount Horeb - The Divine Message and Assurance to Elijah - Call of Elisha.

General effect of Elijah's Mission - The Two Expeditions of Syria and the Twofold Victory of Israel - Ahab releases Ben-hadad - The Prophet's Denunciation.

The Vineyard of Naboth - Murder of Naboth - The Divine Message by Elijah - Ahab's Repentance.

The Visit of Jehoshaphat to Ahab - The Projected Expedition against Ramoth-Gilead - Flattering Predictions - Micaiah - The Battle of Ramoth-Gilead - Death of Ahab.

The Reproof and Prophecy of Jehu - Resumption of the Reformation in Judah - Institution of Judges and of a Supreme Court in Jerusalem - Incursion of the Moabites and their Confederates - National Fast and the Prayer of the King - Prophecy of Victory - The March to Tekoa - Destruction of the Enemy - The Valley of Berakhah - Return to Jerusalem.

The Joint Maritime Expedition to Ophir - Ahaziah's Reign and Illness - The proposed Inquiry of Baal-zebub - The Divine Message by Elijah - Attempts to Capture the Prophet, and their Result - Elijah appears before the King - Death of Ahaziah - Accession of Joram - The Ascent of Elijah - Elisha takes up his Mantle

Return to Jericho - Healing of the Waters of Jericho - Judgment on the Young Men at Bethel - Settlement in Samaria

The Allied Expedition against Moab - The Moabite Stone - Lessons of its Inscription - The March through the Wilderness of Edom - Want of Water - Interview with Elisha - Divine Deliverance - Defeat of Moab - The Siege of Kir-haraseth - Mesha offers up his Son - Withdrawal of the Allies.

The Prophet's Widow and her Miraculous Deliverance - The Shunammite and Elisha - The God-given Child - His Death and Restoration to Life - Elisha at Gilgal - "Death in the Pot" - The Man from Baal-Shalisha - God's sufficient and unfailing Provision for His own.

Illustration and Confirmation of Biblical History from the Assyrian Monuments - The Deliverance of Syria through Naaman - Naaman's Leprosy and Journey to Samaria - Elisha's Message to Joram and to Naaman - Naaman's Healing and Twofold Request - Gehazi's Deceit and Conviction.

Two Wonderful Manifestations of God's Presence with His Prophet: The Interposition on behalf of "the Sons of the Prophets" by the banks of Jordan, and that in the deliverance of Elisha at Dothan - Influence of Elisha's Ministry - The Syrians led blinded into Samaria - The Conduct of the King and of the Prophet.

Siege of Samaria by the Syrians - Terrible Straits and Tragedy in the City - The King sends to slay Elisha, but arrests his Messenger - Announced Deliverance, and Judgment on the Unbelieving "Lord" - The Discovery by the Four Lepers - Flight of the Syrians - Relief of Samaria - The Unbelieving trodden to Death in the Gate.

The Shunammite on her Return from Philistia restored to her Property - Elisha's Visit to Damascus - The Embassy of Hazael - Prediction of Future Judgment - The Murder of Ben-hadad and accession of Hazael.

Accession of Jehoram - Murder of the Royal Princes - Introduction of the service of Baal in Judah - Revolt of Edom - And of Libnah - The Writing from Elijah - Incursion of the Philistines and Arabs - Death of Jehoram - State of Public Feeling.

Accession of Ahaziah - Character of his Reign - Expedition of Joram and Ahaziah against Hazael, and taking of Ramoth-Gilead - Joram returns Wounded to Jezreel - Visit of Ahaziah - Jehu anointed King - March on Jezreel - Joram killed - Death of Ahaziah - Jezebel killed - Fulfillment of the Divine sentence by Elijah.

Murder of the "Sons" of Ahab and Joram - Destruction of the adherents of Ahab in Jezreel - March on Samaria - Slaughter of the "Brethren" of Ahaziah - Jehonadab the son of Rechab - Meaning of the Rechabite movement - The Feast of Baal at Samaria - Destruction of the Worshippers - Character of the Reign of Jehu - Decline of the Northern Kingdom - Commencing Decline of the Southern Kingdom.