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Interlinear Bible Proverbs 11

1 A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, But a just weight is His delight.
h'mel.v !,b,a.w#st068 h'wh.y t;b][w{T#st08441 h'm.rim{m ? w{nw{c.r
2 When pride comes, then comes dishonor, But with the humble is wisdom.
~yi[.Wn.c -t,a.w !w{l'q a{b'Y;w !w{d'z -a'B ? h'm.k'x
3 The integrity of the upright will guide them, But the crookedness of the treacherous will destroy them.
~'D;v.w{B @,l,s.w ~ex.n;T ~yir'v.y#st03477 t;MUT
4 Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, But righteousness delivers from death.
lyiC;T h'q'd.c.W#st06666 h'r.b,[ ~w{y.B ]nw{h lyi[w{y -a{l ? t,w'Mim
5 The righteousness of the blameless will smooth his way, But the wicked will fall by his own wickedness.
l{PIy w{t'[.vir.b.W w{K.r;D reV;y.T ~yim'T#st08549 t;q.dic#st06666 ? ['v'r
6 The righteousness of the upright will deliver them, But the treacherous will be caught by their own greed.
.Wdek'LIy ~yid.g{B t]W;h.b.W ~elyiC;T ~yir'v.y#st03477 t;q.dic
7 When a wicked man dies, his expectation will perish, And the hope of strong men perishes.
~yinw{a t,l,xw{t.w#st08431 h'w.qiT d;ba{T ['v'r#st07563 ~'d'a tw{m.B#st04194 ? h'd'b'a
8 The righteous is delivered from trouble, But the wicked takes his place.
wy'T.x;T ['v'r a{b'Y;w #'l/x,n h'r'Cim#st06869 qyiD;c
9 With his mouth the godless man destroys his neighbor, But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered.
~yiqyiD;c#st06662 t;[;d.b.W#st01847 .Whe[er#st07453 tix.v;y @en'x#st02611 h,p.B ? .Wcel'xey
10 When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices, And when the wicked perish, there is joyful shouting.
~yi['v.r d{b]a;b.W h'y.riq #{l][;T ~yiqyiD;c#st06662 b.Wj.B#st02898 ? h'Nir
11 By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, But by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down.
~yi['v.r yip.b.W t,r'q#st07176 ~.Wr'T#st07311 ~yir'v.y#st03477 t;K.rib.B#st01293 ? ser'heT
12 He who despises his neighbor lacks sense, But a man of understanding keeps silent.
vyir]x;y tw{n.Wb.T#st08394 vyia.w#st0376 bel#st03820 -r;s]x#st02638 .Whe[er.l -z'B
13 He who goes about as a talebearer reveals secrets, But he who is trustworthy * conceals a matter.
;x.Wr -n;m/a,n.w dw{S#st05475 -h,L;g.m lyik'r .$elw{h ? r'b'd#st01697 h,S;k.m
14 Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.
b{r.B#st07230 h'[.Wv.t.W#st08668 ~'[ -l'PIy tw{lUB.x;T !yea.B ? #e[w{y
15 He who is guarantor for a stranger will surely suffer for it, But he who hates being a guarantor is secure.
~yi[.q{t aen{f.w r'z b;r'[ -yiK ;[w{rey#st07321 -[;r ? ;xejw{B
16 A gracious woman attains honor, And ruthless men attain riches.
r,v{[ -.Wk.m.tIy ~yicyir'[.w dw{b'K .${m.tiT !ex -t,vea
17 The merciful man does himself good, But the cruel man does himself harm.
yir'z.k;a w{rea.v rek{[.w d,s'x#st02617 vyia w{v.p;n lem{G
18 The wicked earns deceptive wages, But he who sows righteousness gets a true reward.
r,k,f#st07938 h'q'd.c ;[er{z.w r,q'v#st08267 -t;LU[.p h,f{[ ['v'r#st07563 ? t,m/a
19 He who is steadfast in righteousness will attain to life, And he who pursues evil will bring about his own death.
w{tw{m.l#st04194 h'['r @eD;r.m.W ~yiY;x.l#st02416 h'q'd.c -neK
20 The perverse in heart are an abomination to the LORD, But the blameless in their walk are His delight.
yemyim.T w{nw{c.r.W#st07522 bel#st03820 -yev.Qi[#st06141 h'wh.y t;b][w{T ? .$,r'd
21 Assuredly, the evil man will not go unpunished, But the descendants of the righteous will be delivered.
~yiqyiD;c#st06662 [;r,z.w#st07451 ['R h,q'NIy -a{l d'y.l#st03027 d'y#st03027 ? j'l.min
22 As a ring of gold in a swine's snout So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.
~;['j#st02940 t;r's.w h'p'y#st03303 h'Via#st0802 ryiz]x @;a.B#st0639 b'h'z#st02091 ~,z,n
23 The desire of the righteous is only good, But the expectation of the wicked is wrath.
~yi['v.r#st07563 t;w.qiT bw{j -.k;a ~yiqyiD;c#st06662 t;w]a;T#st08378 ? h'r.b,[
24 There is one who scatters, and yet increases all the more, And there is one who withholds what is justly due, and yet it results only in want.
rw{s.x;m.l -.k;a r,v{Yim .$efw{x.w dw{[ @'sw{n.w reZ;p.m vey
25 The generous man will be prosperous, And he who waters will himself be watered.
a,rw{y a.Wh -m;G h,w.r;m.W !'VUd.t h'k'r.B#st01293 -v,p,n
26 He who withholds grain, the people will curse him, But blessing will be on the head of him who sells it.
ryiB.v;m va{r.l#st07218 h'k'r.b.W ~w{a.l .WhUb.QIy r'B ;[en{m
27 He who diligently seeks good seeks favor, But he who seeks evil, evil will come to him.
.WN,aw{b.t h'['r ver{d.w !w{c'r veQ;b.y ]bw{j rex{v
28 He who trusts in his riches will fall, But the righteous will flourish like the green leaf.
~yiqyiD;c#st06662 h,l'[,k.w l{PIy a.Wh w{r.v'[.B ;xejw{B ? .Wx'r.pIy
29 He who troubles his own house will inherit wind, And the foolish will be servant to the wisehearted.
bel -m;k]x;l lyiw/a#st0191 d,b,[.w#st05650 ;x.Wr#st07307 -l;x.nIy w{tyeB rekw{[
30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls.
~'k'x ]tw{f'p.n ;xeq{l.w ~yiY;x#st02416 #e[#st06086 qyiD;c#st06662 -yir.P
31 If the righteous will be rewarded in the earth, How much * more the wicked and the sinner!
aejw{x.w ['v'r -yiK @;a ~'LUv.y #,r'a'B#st0776 qyiD;c !eh
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