Jeremiah 47:4-5

4 For the day has come to destroy all the Philistines and to remove all survivors who could help Tyre and Sidon. The LORD is about to destroy the Philistines, the remnant from the coasts of Caphtor.[a]
5 Gaza will shave her head in mourning; Ashkelon will be silenced. You remnant on the plain, how long will you cut yourselves?

Jeremiah 47:4-5 Meaning and Commentary


This chapter contains a prophecy of the destruction of the Philistines chiefly; and also of the Tyrians and Zidonians. The title of the prophecy, Jer 47:1; the instruments of this destruction, who are compared to overflowing waters; which would cause great lamentation in the inhabitants of the places where they should come, Jer 47:2; the noise of their horses and chariots would be so terrible, as to make parents flee and leave their own children, Jer 47:3; at the same time Tyre and Zidon would fall into the hands of the enemy, and have no helper, Jer 47:4; particular places in Palestine are mentioned, that should be destroyed, Jer 47:5; and all this owing to a commission the Lord gave to the sword, and which therefore would continue to ravage, Jer 47:6,7.

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