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This chapter contains a prophecy of the destruction of the Philistines
chiefly; and also of the Tyrians and Zidonians. The title of the
prophecy, \\#Jer 47:1\\; the instruments of this destruction, who are
compared to overflowing waters; which would cause great lamentation in
the inhabitants of the places where they should come, \\#Jer 47:2\\; the
noise of their horses and chariots would be so terrible, as to make
parents flee and leave their own children, \\#Jer 47:3\\; at the same time
Tyre and Zidon would fall into the hands of the enemy, and have no
helper, \\#Jer 47:4\\; particular places in Palestine are mentioned, that
should be destroyed, \\#Jer 47:5\\; and all this owing to a commission the
Lord gave to the sword, and which therefore would continue to ravage,
\\#Jer 47:6,7\\.

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