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8 I would seek unto God, and unto God would I commit my cause:
3 Doth God pervert judgment? or doth the Almighty pervert justice?
5 If thou wouldest seek unto God betimes, and make thy supplication to the Almighty;
13 So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite's hope shall perish:
20 Behold, God will not cast away a perfect man, neither will he help the evil doers:
6 The tabernacles of robbers prosper, and they that provoke God are secure; into whose hand God bringeth abundantly.
7 Will ye speak wickedly for God? and talk deceitfully for him?
11 Are the consolations of God small with thee? is there any secret thing with thee?
13 That thou turnest thy spirit against God, and lettest such words go out of thy mouth?
25 For he stretcheth out his hand against God, and strengtheneth himself against the Almighty.
11 God hath delivered me to the ungodly, and turned me over into the hands of the wicked.
22 Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied with my flesh?
15 He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again: God shall cast them out of his belly.
14 Therefore they say unto God, Depart from us; for we desire not the knowledge of thy ways.
22 Shall any teach God knowledge? seeing he judgeth those that are high.
2 Can a man be profitable unto God, as he that is wise may be profitable unto himself?
13 And thou sayest, How doth God know? can he judge through the dark cloud?
17 Which said unto God, Depart from us: and what can the Almighty do for them?
16 For God maketh my heart soft, and the Almighty troubleth me:
4 How then can man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman?
2 As God liveth, who hath taken away my judgment; and the Almighty, who hath vexed my soul;
9 Will God hear his cry when trouble cometh upon him?
11 I will teach you by the hand of God: that which is with the Almighty will I not conceal.
13 This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of oppressors, which they shall receive of the Almighty.
14 What then shall I do when God riseth up? and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him?
23 For destruction from God was a terror to me, and by reason of his highness I could not endure.
28 This also were an iniquity to be punished by the judge: for I should have denied the God that is above.
13 Lest ye should say, We have found out wisdom: God thrusteth him down, not man.
4 The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.
6 Behold, I am according to thy wish in God's stead: I also am formed out of the clay.
14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.
29 Lo, all these things worketh God oftentimes with man,
5 For Job hath said, I am righteous: and God hath taken away my judgment.
10 Therefore hearken unto me, ye men of understanding: far be it from God, that he should do wickedness; and from the Almighty, that he should commit iniquity.
12 Yea, surely God will not do wickedly, neither will the Almighty pervert judgment.
31 Surely it is meet to be said unto God, I have borne chastisement, I will not offend any more:
13 Surely God will not hear vanity, neither will the Almighty regard it.
5 Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth not any: he is mighty in strength and wisdom.
22 Behold, God exalteth by his power: who teacheth like him?
26 Behold, God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of his years be searched out.
5 God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend.
10 By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened.
41 Who provideth for the raven his food? when his young ones cry unto God, they wander for lack of meat.
9 Hast thou an arm like God? or canst thou thunder with a voice like him?
19 He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him.
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