Joshua 12:22; Joshua 15:23; Joshua 19:37; Joshua 20:7; Joshua 21:32

22 The king of Kedesh, one; the king of Jokneam of Carmel, one;
23 And Kedesh, and Hazor, and Ithnan,
37 And Kedesh, and Edrei, and Enhazor,
7 And they appointed Kedesh in Galilee in mount Naphtali, and Shechem in mount Ephraim, and Kirjatharba, which is Hebron, in the mountain of Judah.
32 And out of the tribe of Naphtali, Kedesh in Galilee with her suburbs, to be a city of refuge for the slayer; and Hammothdor with her suburbs, and Kartan with her suburbs; three cities.
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