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Esther 8:10-17

10 And they were written by order of the king, and sealed with his ring, and they sent the letters by the posts:
11 wherein he charged them to use their laws in every city, and to help each other, and to treat their adversaries, and those who attacked them, as they pleased,
12 on one day in all the kingdom of Artaxerxes, on the thirteenth of the twelfth month, which is Adar.
13 And let the copies be posted in conspicuous places throughout the kingdom, and let all the Jews be ready against this day, to fight against their enemies. And the following is the copy of the letter of the orders. [The great king Artaxerxes sends greetings to the rulers of provinces a hundred and twenty-seven satrapies, from India to Ethiopia, even to those who are faithful to our interests. Many who have been frequently honored by the most abundant kindness of their benefactors have conceived ambitious designs, and not only endeavour to hurt our subjects, but moreover, not being able to bear prosperity, they also endeavour to plot against their own benefactors. And they not only would utterly abolish gratitude from among men, but also, elated by the boastings of men who are strangers to all that is good, they supposed that they shall escape the sin-hating vengeance of the ever-seeing God. And oftentimes exhortation has made partakers of the guilt of shedding innocent blood, and has involved in irremediable calamities, many of those who had been appointed to offices of authority, who had been entrusted with the management of their friends' affairs; while , by the false sophistry of an evil disposition, have deceived the simple candour of the ruling powers. And it is possible to see , not so much from more ancient traditionary accounts, as it is immediately in your power by examining what things have been wickedly perpetrated by the baseness of men unworthily holding power. And to take heed with regard to the future, that we may maintain the government in undisturbed peace for all men, adopting changes, and ever judging those cases which come under our notice, with truly equitable decision. For whereas Aman, a Macedonian, the son of Amadathes, in reality an alien from the blood of the Persians, and differing widely from our mild course of government, having been hospitable entertained by us, obtained so large a share of our universal kindness, as
14 So the horsemen went forth with haste to perform the king's commands; and the ordinance was also published in Susa.
15 And Mardochaeus went forth robed in the royal apparel, and wearing a golden crown, and a diadem of fine purple linen: and the people in Susa saw and rejoiced.
16 And the Jews had light and gladness,
17 in every city and province wherever the ordinance was published: wherever the proclamation took place, the Jews had joy and gladness, feasting and mirth: and many of the Gentiles were circumcised, and became Jews, for fear of the Jews.
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