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Esther 9:20-32

20 And Mardochaeus wrote these things in a book, and sent them to the Jews, as many as were in the kingdom of Artaxerxes, both them that were near and them that were afar off,
21 to establish these joyful days, and to keep the fourteenth and fifteenth of Adar;
22 for on these days the Jews obtained rest from their enemies; and the month, which was Adar, in which a change was made for them, from mourning to joy, and from sorrow to a good day, to spend the whole of it good days of feasting and gladness, sending portions to their friends, and to the poor.
23 And the Jews consented accordingly as Mardochaeus wrote to them,
24 how Aman the son of Amadathes the Macedonian fought against them, how he made a decree and cast lots to destroy them utterly;
25 also how he went in to the king, telling to hang Mardochaeus: but all the calamities he tried to bring upon the Jews came upon himself, and he was hanged, and his children.
26 Therefore these days were called Phrurae, because of the lots; (for in their language they are called Phrurae;) because of the words of this letter, and all they suffered on this account, and all that happened to them.
27 And established it, and the Jews took upon themselves, and upon their seed, and upon those that were joined to them , neither would they on any account behave differently: but these days a memorial kept in every generation, and city, and family, and province.
28 And these days of the Phrurae, shall be kept for ever, and their memorial shall not fail in any generation.
29 And queen Esther, the daughter of Aminadab, and Mardochaeus the Jew, wrote all that they had done, and the confirmation of the letter of Phrurae.
31 And Mardochaeus and Esther the queen appointed for themselves privately, even at that time also having formed their plan against their own health.
32 And Esther established it by a command for ever, and it was written for a memorial.
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