In this chapter we have an account of the Jews gathering together, on
the day fixed for their destruction, to defend themselves, which they
did in all the provinces, and smote their enemies; \\#Es 9:1-5\\. In
Shushan the palace they slew the ten sons of Haman and five hundred
men on that day, \\#Es 9:6-11\\ and at the request of the queen they
were allowed the next day to hang up his sons, when they slew three
hundred men more, \\#Es 9:12-15\\, in the provinces they slew 75,000
and those in one day only, and the following days they kept as a
festival, but they in Shushan kept the two days following, \\#Es 9:16-19\\,
and which two days were established by Esther and Mordecai as
festivals, to be observed as such in future ages, by the name of the
days of Purim, \\#Es 9:20-32\\.