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1 Samuel 2:1-11

Hannah Gives Thanks to the LORD

1 Then Hannah prayed. She said, "The LORD has filled my heart with joy. He has made me strong. I can laugh at my enemies. I'm so glad he saved me.
2 "There isn't anyone holy like the Lord. There isn't anyone except him. There isn't any Rock like our God.
3 "Don't keep talking so proudly. Don't let your mouth say such proud things. The LORD is a God who knows everything. He judges everything people do.
4 "The bows of great heroes are broken. But those who trip and fall are made strong.
5 Those who used to be full have to work for food. But those who used to be hungry aren't hungry anymore. The woman who couldn't have children has seven of them now. But the woman who has had many children is sad now because hers have died.
6 "The LORD causes people to die. He also gives people life. He brings people down to the grave. He also brings people up.
7 The LORD makes people poor. He also makes people rich. He brings people down. He also lifts people up.
8 He raises poor people up from the trash pile. He lifts needy people out of the ashes. He lets them sit with princes. He gives them places of honor. "The foundations of the earth belong to the Lord. On them he has set the world.
9 He guards the paths of those who are faithful to him. But evil people will lie silent in their dark graves. "People don't win just because they are strong.
10 Those who oppose the LORD will be totally destroyed. He will thunder against them from heaven. He will judge the earth from one end to the other. "He will give power to his king. He will give honor to his anointed one."
11 Then Elkanah went home to Ramah. But the boy Samuel served the LORD under the direction of the priest Eli.
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