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2 John 1:1-8

1 I, the elder, am writing this letter. I am sending it to the chosen lady and her children. I love all of you because of the truth. I'm not the only one who loves you. So does everyone who knows the truth.
2 I love you because of the truth that is alive in us. That truth will be with us forever.
3 God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son will give you grace, mercy and peace. Those blessings will be with us because we love the truth.
4 It has given me great joy to find some of your children living by the truth. That's just what the Father commanded us to do.
5 Dear lady, I'm not writing you a new command. I'm writing a command we've had from the beginning. I'm asking that we love one another.
6 The way we show our love is to obey God's commands. He commands you to lead a life of love. That's what you have heard from the beginning.
7 Many people who try to fool others have gone out into the world. They don't agree that Jesus Christ came in a human body. People like that try to trick others. They are enemies of Christ.
8 Watch out that you don't lose what you have worked for. Make sure that you get your complete reward.
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