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James 5:1-6

A Warning to Rich People

1 You rich people, listen to me. Cry and sob, because you will soon be suffering.
2 Your riches have rotted. Moths have eaten your clothes.
3 Your gold and silver have lost their brightness. Their dullness will give witness against you. Your wanting more and more will eat your body like fire. You have stored up riches in these last days.
4 You have even failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields. Their pay is crying out against you. The cries of those who gathered the harvest have reached the ears of the Lord who rules over all.
5 You have lived an easy life on earth. You have given yourselves everything you wanted. You have made yourselves fat like cattle that will soon be butchered.
6 You have judged and murdered people who aren't guilty. And they weren't even opposing you.
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