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Joel 2:18-27

The LORD Answers the Prayer of His People

18 Then the LORD will show concern for his land. He will take pity on his people.
19 He will reply, "I will send you grain, olive oil and fresh wine. It will be enough to satisfy you completely. I will never allow other nations to make fun of you again.
20 "I will drive far away from you the army that comes from the north. I will send some of its forces into a dry and empty land. Those in front will be pushed into the Dead Sea. The ones in back will be driven into the Mediterranean Sea. Their dead bodies will give off a bad smell." The LORD has done great things.
21 Land, don't be afraid. Be glad and full of joy. The LORD has done great things.
22 Wild animals, don't be afraid. The grasslands are turning green again. The trees are bearing their fruit. The vines and fig trees are producing rich crops.
23 People of Zion, be glad. Be joyful because of what the LORD your God has done. He has given you the right amount of rain in the fall. He has sent you plenty of showers. He has sent fall and spring rains alike, just as he did before.
24 Your threshing floors will be covered with grain. Olive oil and fresh wine will spill over from the places where they are stored.
25 The LORD says, "I sent a great army of locusts to attack you. They included common locusts, giant locusts, young locusts and other locusts. I will make up for the years they ate your crops.
26 You will have plenty to eat. It will satisfy you completely. Then you will praise me. I am the LORD your God. I have done wonderful miracles for you. My people will never be put to shame again.
27 You will know that I am with you in Israel. I am the LORD your God. There is no other God. So my people will never be put to shame again.
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