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Lamentations 3:32-42

32 He might bring suffering. But he will also show loving concern. How great his faithful love is!
33 He doesn't want to bring pain or suffering to people.
34 Every time people crush prisoners under their feet, the Lord knows all about it.
35 When people refuse to give a man his rights, the Most High God knows it.
36 When people don't treat a man fairly, the Lord knows it.
37 Suppose people order something to happen. It won't happen unless the Lord has planned it.
38 Troubles and good things alike come to people because the Most High God has commanded them to come.
39 A man who is still alive shouldn't blame God when God punishes him for his sins.
40 Let's take a good look at the way we're living. Let's return to the Lord.
41 Let's lift up our hands to God in heaven. Let's pray to him with all our hearts.
42 Let's say, "We have sinned. We've refused to obey you. And you haven't forgiven us.
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