Ben Sira 40:7-17

7 At the moment he reaches safety he wakes up, astonished that his fears were groundless.
8 To all creatures, human and animal, but to sinners seven times more,
9 come death and bloodshed and strife and sword, calamities and famine and ruin and plague.
10 All these were created for the wicked, and on their account the flood came.
11 All that is of earth returns to earth, and what is from above returns above.
12 All bribery and injustice will be blotted out, but good faith will last forever.
13 The wealth of the unjust will dry up like a river, and crash like a loud clap of thunder in a storm.
14 As a generous person has cause to rejoice, so lawbreakers will utterly fail.
15 The children of the ungodly put out few branches; they are unhealthy roots on sheer rock.
16 The reeds by any water or river bank are plucked up before any grass;
17 but kindness is like a garden of blessings, and almsgiving endures forever.
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