Everyone has heard of the famous British journalist, Henry M. Stanley. He is the man who was sent to find the great missionary David Livingstone. Livingstone had not been heard from for many months and some thought he might be dead.

In 1869 the publisher of the New York Herald sent Stanley to cover the opening of the Suez Canal. After that he was to visit the Middle East, and then to go to Africa to look for Livingstone. It took Stanley eight months to find the great missionary. When he did, he greeted him with that famous statement, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." What is not widely known about Henry M. Stanley is that he fought on both sides in the American Civil War!

In the spiritual warfare that rages on our planet, we cannot fight on both sides. Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters. He said that you were either for him or against him. Like Joshua long before, we must choose sides. We must choose whom we will serve.