When Dr. Albert L. Shelton went to Tibet as a missionary doctor, he faced some difficult cases. One was a man who had a serious head wound. Dr. Shelton didn't think the man would survive, but an operation was attempted -- and it was successful. About three weeks after the man recovered Dr. Shelton was walking down the road when he met an old couple. They immediately got down on the road and began bumping their heads on the ground. Dr. Shelton said that he did not allow anyone to get on their knees to him. The couple then gave him a rooster, some butter and six eggs. He wondered what it was all about. Then they explained that the man on whom he had operated was their son. "We have come to thank you for saving his life," they said. That old couple had walked  five days to say, "Thank you!" Why is it that many who have received so much from God have difficulty finding five minutes to thank Him!