Diary of Deceit

On May 3, 1987, the story of Gary Hart's fling with blond model and actress Donna Rice finally erupted into a national scandal.

As it unraveled, the tale included accounts of her visit to his town house in Washington, a boat trip to Bimini, off the coast of Florida, as well as assorted reports about the promises he had allegedly made to her about their future together.

Gary Hart showed no remorse.

On May 5, he admitted he'd made a "big mistake" but insisted he had done "nothing immoral."

On May 8, Hart announced he was withdrawing from the Presidential race.

On May 25, Hart's picture with Donna Rice sitting on his lap appeared on the front page of a national weekly - along with an account of their overnight boat trip to Bimini.

On Sept. 22, Hart told Ted Koppel on ABC-TV's Nightline that he had not been "absolutely faithful" throughout his marriage.

On Dec. 15, Gary Hart announced he had decided to re-enter the Presidential race.

On Jan. 13, he had received almost $1 million of taxpayers' money for his campaign.

On Jan. 15, at the Democratic Presidential candidates' debate in Iowa, he maintained that "there is a difference between public morality and private morality."

From The Star