In his Turning Point Daily Devotional for May 22, David Jeremiah writes, "Randy and Victoria got engaged in February of 1994. A short time later, Randy's doctor informed him that the diabetes he had suffered with since age 12 had ruined his kidneys. He would need a transplant to live. Victoria volunteered to be tested, and their immune systems matched perfectly. A month after their marriage, they underwent surgery to share equally Victoria's two good kidneys.

"Randy had originally taken Victoria to the doctor's appointment so she could be sure she wanted to go through with being married to someone who might die. Little did he know that she was not only willing to marry him but to sacrifice part of herself to save his life. What a powerful example of everything that makes a marriage work: voluntary submission, willing sacrifice, generous sharing, and humble gratitude. While most biblical exhortations regarding love in marriage are given to the husband, love is a mutual responsibility. If your spouse has a need, do what you can to meet it. Sharing generously is a prescription for marital health."