Does it really matter that much: good Christian parents, good Christian homes? I turn to the most revealing proof of which I know - Jonathon Edwards and Max Jukes. Jonathon Edwards was an outstanding Christian. A researcher followed up his descendants. He learned that out of his 1,394 descendants came 13 college presidents, 65 professors, 60 prominent lawyers, 32 noted authors, 90 physicians, 200 ministers of the Gospel, and 300 good farmers.

Max Jukes was the very antithesis of Mr. Edwards, for he was very notorious as a crook without principle or character. The life histories of 903 of his offspring showed he spawned 300 delinquents, 145 confirmed drunkards, 90 prostitutes, 285 had "evil diseases", and over 100 spent an average of 13 years in prison. It was estimated that the crimes and care of that one family cost the state of New York over one million dollars - while Jonathon Edwards never cost the government a single penny - instead making contributions of incalculable worth.