Slow Down to Catch Up

An interesting thing about flight in outer space is that you must "slow down in order to catch up." If two satellites, or spacecraft desire to rendezvous, the one that is making an approach cannot accelerate, it must decelerate. If it increases its speed, the craft goes into a higher orbit, but if it decreases its speed, it will drop into a lower orbit and actually gain on the craft ahead of it. Most rendezvous are designed so that the approaching craft comes in from a higher orbit and "slows down in order to catch up." As a result, it drops into place by decelerating. In a sense this is how we best discover God's will for our own life. If we struggle spiritually and emotionally to please God, we only make it hard on ourselves and will probably move further away from God's perfect will. The best way to serve God is to submit our lives to his control. The more we yield ourselves to his power, the more power is available to us for service. It's a case of "if you lose, you win; if you give in, you won't give out."