Sermons to the Spiritual Man

William Greenough Thayer Shedd

Religious Meditation

Christian Moderation

The Supreme Excellence of God

The Fatherhood of God

The Future Vision of God

God the Strength of Man

The Glorification of God

The Duty of Reference to the Divine Will

The Creature Has No Absolute Merit

Faith With and Without Spirit

The Reality of Heaven

Pure Motives the Light of the Soul

The Law is Light

The Law Is the Strength of Sin

The Sense of Sin Leads to Holiness, and the Conceit of Holiness Leads to Sin

The Impression Made by Christ's Holiness

Christian Humility

Pride Vitiates Religious Knowledge

Connection Between Faith and Works

The Christian Imperfect, Yet a Saint

Sanctification Completed at Death

Watchfulness and Prayerfulness

Unceasing Prayer

The Folly of Ambition

Every Christian a Debtor to the Pagan

The Certain Success of Evangelistic Labor