Third Millennium Bible TMB

About the Third Millennium Bible

The Third Millennium Bible (TMB) is neither a new translation nor a revision, but an accurate updating of the 1611 King James Version.

The Third Millennium Bible comprises all 80 books contained in the A.D. 1611 KJV including the Old Testament, The New Testament, and the Apocrypha. While easier to read and understand than the KJV, it preserves the traditional biblical language and sacred message of its historic predecessor. This is a careful undertaking to eliminate obsolete words and archaic spelling while retaining Biblical English which is distinctive and can be recognized immediately as the Word of God.

The Third Millennium Bible (TMB) is published by Third Millennium Publications, a division of Deuel Enterprises, Inc.

Third Millennium Bible (TMB), New Authorized Version, Copyright 1998 by Deuel Enterprises, Inc., Gary, SD 57237. All rights reserved.