Acts 16:29-39

29 Then he called for a lyght and sprange in and came tremblynge and fell doune before Paul and Sylas
30 and brought them out and sayde: Syrs what must I do to be saved?
31 And they sayde: beleve on the Lorde Iesus and thou shalt be saved and thy housholde.
32 And they preached vnto him the worde of the Lorde and to all that were in his housse.
33 And he toke them the same houre of the nyght and wasshed their woundes and was baptised with all that belonged vnto him strayght waye.
34 Whe he had brought them into his housse he set meate before them and ioyed that he with all his housholde boleved on God.
35 And when it was daye the officers sent the ministres sayinge: Let those men goo.
36 The keper of ye preson tolde this sayinge to Paul the officiers have sent worde to lowse you. Now therfore get you hence and goo in peace.
37 Then sayde Paul vnto them: they have beaten vs openly vncomdempned for all yt we are Romayns and have cast vs into preson: and now wolde they sende vs awaye prevely? Naye not so but let them come the selves and set vs out.
38 When the ministres tolde these wordes vnto the officers they feared when they hearde that they were Romayns
39 and came and besought them and brought them out and desyred them to departe out of the cite.