10 Christian Sayings That Need to Go

Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer

While serving at a youth camp recently, Matthew, a pastor from a different church, struck up a conversation with me. It quickly became clear that he mistook me for a part of the high school crowd, but it seemed pointless to correct him. Then, in an effort to seem relatable to me, a “highschooler,” Pastor Matthew said the one phrase that has the ability to make me roll my eyes harder than I ever did as an actual teenager. He told me, “Jesus was his homeboy.”

The worst part of this story is the fact that Pastor Matthew legitimately thought this phrase was cool and relevant to teens. But then it got me thinking. What other phrases are Christians using that are cringe-worthy, cliché, or contradictory to the Bible?

Here are the top 10 Christian sayings that need to go.

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