How Do You Respond to Someone Who Says the Bible Isn't True?

Well, if you begin with the God who, out of His love, has chosen to reveal Himself not only in nature, but in my consciousness and then supremely and superbly in the written word, then you begin to look for signs of how He did it and why He did it, and you attune yourself to a revelation, rather than beginning from human autonomy and a self-sufficiency of reason and saying, "That verse contradicts that one. How can the Bible be true? There's gotta be a problem here. It must have been written without inspiration." That doesn't mean we shouldn't answer the question of these verses that don't seem to say the same thing. That's the work we do here at Westminster Seminary every day. We're not going to answer all of them because there's mystery, but most of them have good ways to advance the issue.

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