Week Four Video: Finding God’s Calling for Our Lives (Part 2)

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Last week’s lesson centered on how to figure out your secondary calling related to your career. This week, we’ll continue that discussion by talking about six myths related to the Christian’s calling to work.

But first, let’s take a quick detour and discuss the key difference between the calls to church work and the calls to nonchurch work. Since the Middle Ages, there’s been tension in the Christian community in regard to church versus nonchurch work. Work outside of the church was often considered less-than, and a necessity but not what Christians should aspire to. The church elevated religious life, such as priests, nuns, and monks, in the Middle Ages, and much of that view has continued today—that these men and women who are dedicating themselves wholly and only to God’s work are somehow more Christian or fulfilling God’s calling better than us engineers or software developers.

Remember, as we’ve discussed in previous lessons, nothing could be further than the truth. All Christians are commanded to do everything they do as an act of service to Christ, meaning our work-related tasks are as essential to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ as our pastor’s Sunday sermons.

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