Week Six Video: Living Out God’s Calling in Our Lives (Part 2)

Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer

We all want our lives to have meaning, that we’re pursuing a course that puts us firmly in accordance with the will of God, and that we’re living out God’s calling in our lives in a way that honors our Creator. As we’ve explored over these past weeks, God has given us his Scripture to guide us along the way, as well as our own talents and abilities to help us figure out our vocational calling.

But you might still be struggling with how, exactly, to live out God’s calling in your life. Perhaps you’re unsure if you actually have a calling (you do!) or that maybe, somehow, you picked the wrong vocation and messed everything up. During our last week together, we’re going to talk about how to live out God’s calling in our lives boldly, without fear, and with the full assurance of his love and care for us.

Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/FG Trade 

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