Job 28:5-15

5 The earth! from it cometh forth bread, And its under-part is turned like fire.
6 A place of the sapphire [are] its stones, And it hath dust of gold.
7 A path -- not known it hath a ravenous fowl, Nor scorched it hath an eye of the kite,
8 Nor trodden it have the sons of pride, Not passed over it hath the fierce lion.
9 Against the flint he sent forth his hand, He overturned from the root mountains.
10 Among rocks, brooks he hath cleaved, And every precious thing hath his eye seen.
11 From overflowing floods he hath bound, And the hidden thing bringeth out [to] light.
12 And the wisdom -- whence is it found? And where [is] this, the place of understanding?
13 Man hath not known its arrangement, Nor is it found in the land of the living.
14 The deep hath said, `It [is] not in me,' And the sea hath said, `It is not with me.'
15 Gold is not given for it, Nor is silver weighed -- its price.
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