The design of this chapter is either to show the folly of such who are
very diligent in their search and pursuit after earthly things, and
neglect an inquiry after that which is infinitely more valuable, true
wisdom; or rather to observe, that though things the most secret, and
which are hidden in the bowels of the earth, may be investigated and
discovered by the sagacity and diligence of men, yet wisdom cannot,
especially the wisdom of God in his providences, which are past finding
out; and particularly in what concerns the prosperity of the wicked,
and the afflictions of the righteous; the reason of which men should be
content to be ignorant of for the present, and be studious to possess
that wisdom which is attainable, and be thankful for it, if they have
it; which lies in the fear of the Lord, and a departure from evil, with
which this chapter concludes. It begins with setting forth the sagacity
of men in searching and finding out useful metals, and other things the
earth produces; the difficulty, fatigue, and labour, that attend such a
search, and the dangers they are exposed unto in it, \\#Job 28:1-11\\; then
it declares the unsearchableness of wisdom, its superior excellency to
things the most valuable, and that it is not to be found by sea or
land, or among any of the creatures, \\#Job 28:12-22\\; and that God only
knows its way and place, who has sought it out, prepared and declared
it, \\#Job 28:23-27\\; and that which he has thought fit to make known of
it, and is most for his glory and the good of men, is, that it is to
fear God, and depart from evil, \\#Job 28:28\\.

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