1 Kings 7:11-21 NIV

11 Above were high-grade stones, cut to size, and cedar beams.
12 The great courtyard was surrounded by a wall of three courses of dressed stone and one course of trimmed cedar beams, as was the inner courtyard of the temple of the LORD with its portico.

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The Temple’s Furnishings

13 King Solomon sent to Tyre and brought Huram,a

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    • z 7:13 - Hebrew "Hiram," a variant of "Huram" ; also in verses 40 and 45
      14 whose mother was a widow from the tribe of Naphtali and whose father was from Tyre and a skilled craftsman in bronze. Huram was filled with wisdom, with understanding and with knowledge to do all kinds of bronze work. He came to King Solomon and did all the work assigned to him.

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      15 He cast two bronze pillars, each eighteen cubits high and twelve cubits in circumference.b

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        • { 7:15 - That is, about 27 feet high and 18 feet in circumference or about 8.1 meters high and 5.4 meters in circumference
          16 He also made two capitals of cast bronze to set on the tops of the pillars; each capital was five cubitsc high.

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            • | 7:16 - That is, about 7 1/2 feet or about 2.3 meters; also in verse 23
              17 A network of interwoven chains adorned the capitals on top of the pillars, seven for each capital.
              18 He made pomegranates in two rowsd encircling each network to decorate the capitals on top of the pillars.e He did the same for each capital.

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                • } 7:18 - Two Hebrew manuscripts and Septuagint; most Hebrew manuscripts "made the pillars, and there were two rows"
                • ~ 7:18 - Many Hebrew manuscripts and Syriac; most Hebrew manuscripts "pomegranates"
                  19 The capitals on top of the pillars in the portico were in the shape of lilies, four cubitsf high.

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                    •  7:19 - That is, about 6 feet or about 1.8 meters; also in verse 38
                      20 On the capitals of both pillars, above the bowl-shaped part next to the network, were the two hundred pomegranates in rows all around.

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                      21 He erected the pillars at the portico of the temple. The pillar to the south he named Jaking and the one to the north Boaz.h

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                        • € 7:21 - "Jakin" probably means "he establishes."
                        •  7:21 - "Boaz" probably means "in him is strength."