1 Kings 7:45-51 NIV

45 the pots, shovels and sprinkling bowls.1 All these objects that Huram2 made for King Solomon for the temple of the LORD were of burnished bronze.

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      46 The king had them cast in clay molds in the plain3 of the Jordan between Succoth4 and Zarethan.5

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      47 Solomon left all these things unweighed,6 because there were so many;7 the weight of the bronze8 was not determined.

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      48 Solomon also made all9 the furnishings that were in the LORD's temple: the golden altar; the golden table10 on which was the bread of the Presence;11

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      49 the lampstands12 of pure gold (five on the right and five on the left, in front of the inner sanctuary); the gold floral work and lamps and tongs;

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      50 the pure gold basins, wick trimmers, sprinkling bowls, dishes13 and censers;14 and the gold sockets for the doors of the innermost room, the Most Holy Place, and also for the doors of the main hall of the temple.

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      51 When all the work King Solomon had done for the temple of the LORD was finished, he brought in the things his father David had dedicated15--the silver and gold and the furnishings16--and he placed them in the treasuries of the LORD's temple.

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