2 Kings 12:17-21 NIV

17 About this time Hazael1 king of Aram went up and attacked Gath and captured it. Then he turned to attack Jerusalem.

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18 But Joash king of Judah took all the sacred objects dedicated by his fathers--Jehoshaphat, Jehoram and Ahaziah, the kings of Judah--and the gifts he himself had dedicated and all the gold found in the treasuries of the temple of the LORD and of the royal palace, and he sent2 them to Hazael king of Aram, who then withdrew3 from Jerusalem.

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19 As for the other events of the reign of Joash, and all he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah?
20 His officials4 conspired against him and assassinated5 him at Beth Millo,6 on the road down to Silla.

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21 The officials who murdered him were Jozabad son of Shimeath and Jehozabad son of Shomer. He died and was buried with his fathers in the City of David. And Amaziah his son succeeded him as king.