2 Samuel 13:30-39 NIV

30 While they were on their way, the report came to David: "Absalom has struck down all the king's sons; not one of them is left."
31 The king stood up, tore1 his clothes and lay down on the ground; and all his servants stood by with their clothes torn.

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32 But Jonadab son of Shimeah, David's brother, said, "My lord should not think that they killed all the princes; only Amnon is dead. This has been Absalom's expressed intention ever since the day Amnon raped his sister Tamar.
33 My lord the king should not be concerned about the report that all the king's sons are dead. Only Amnon is dead."
34 Meanwhile, Absalom had fled. Now the man standing watch looked up and saw many people on the road west of him, coming down the side of the hill. The watchman went and told the king, "I see men in the direction of Horonaim, on the side of the hill."a

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    • c 13:34 - Septuagint; Hebrew does not have this sentence.
      35 Jonadab said to the king, "See, the king's sons are here; it has happened just as your servant said."
      36 As he finished speaking, the king's sons came in, wailing loudly. The king, too, and all his servants wept very bitterly.
      37 Absalom fled and went to Talmai2 son of Ammihud, the king of Geshur. But King David mourned for his son every day.

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      38 After Absalom fled and went to Geshur, he stayed there three years.
      39 And the spirit of the kingb longed to go to Absalom,3 for he was consoled4 concerning Amnon's death.

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        • d 13:39 - Dead Sea Scrolls and some Septuagint manuscripts; Masoretic Text "But [the spirit of] David the king"