This chapter relates some of the evils that were to arise out of
David's house, and which were similar to the evils committed by him;
the deflowering of his daughter, and the murder of his eldest son: the
story is this; Amnon falls in love with Tamar, his sister, and grew
thin upon it, which being observed by a friend of his, inquires the
reason of it, which having got out of him, forms a scheme for obtaining
his desire, and which succeeded; for by it he had the opportunity of
ravishing his sister, \\#2Sa 13:1-14\\; the consequences of which were
extreme hatred of her, hurrying her out of doors, lamentation and
mourning on her part, grief to David, and enmity in the heart of
Absalom to Amnon, which put him upon meditating his death,
\\#2Sa 13:15-22\\; and which was brought about after this manner. Absalom
had a sheep shearing, to which he invited the king and all his sons,
and to which they all came excepting the king, \\#2Sa 13:23-27\\; when
Absalom gave orders to his servants to observe Amnon when he was merry,
and at his word smite him and kill him, as they did, \\#2Sa 13:28,29\\;
tidings of which soon came to the ears of David, and these aggravated,
that all the king's sons were killed, which threw the king into an
agony; but Jonadab endeavoured to pacify him, by assuring him that only
Amnon was dead, the truth of which soon appeared by the coming of the
king's sons, \\#2Sa 13:30-36\\; but Absalom fled to Geshur, where he
remained three years, when David's heart began to be towards him, and
to long for him, who was to bring more evil against him, \\#2Sa 13:37-39\\.