Jeremiah 51:1-6 CEB

1 The LORD proclaims: I'm stirring up a violent wind against Babylon and those who live in Leb-qamai.a

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    • Į 51:1 - Or <i>the inhabitants of Leb qamai</i>, a reference to Chaldea (Babylonia); or <i>those who rise up against me</i>
      2 I will send mercenariesb to Babylon who will sift her and clear out her land. They will surround her on the day of disaster.

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        • į 51:2 - Or <i>foreigners</i>
          3 Let the archers draw their bows; let them prepare their armor. Show no mercy to her young men; wipe out her entire company!
          4 They will fall wounded in the land of Babylon, struck down in her streets.
          5 God, the LORD of heavenly forces, hasn't abandoned Israel and Judah, even though they live in a land filled with guilt before the holy one of Israel.
          6 Escape from Babylon; each of you run for your lives! Don't perish because of her guilt, because this is the time for the LORD's retribution, a day of reckoning for all that Babylonc has done.

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            • İ 51:6 - Or <i>she </i>or <i>it</i>