Job 28:1-11 CEBA

Expertise in mining

1 There is a sure source of silver, a place where gold is refined.

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      2 Iron is taken from the earth; rock is smelted into copper.
      3 Humansa put an end to darkness, dig for ore to the farthest depths, into stone in utter darkness,

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        • ¬ 28:3 - Or <i>they</i>
          4 open a shaft away from any inhabitant, places forgotten by those on foot, apart from any human they hang and sway.
          5 Earth—from it comes food— is turned over below ground as by fire.b

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            • ­ 28:5 - Heb uncertain
              6 Its rocks are the source for lapis lazuli; there is gold dust in it.
              7 A path— no bird of prey knows it; a hawk's eye hasn't seen it;
              8 proud beasts haven't trodden on it; a lion hasn't crossed over it.
              9 Humans thrust their hands into flint, pull up mountains from their roots,
              10 cut channels into rocks; their eyes see everything precious.
              11 They dam up the sources of rivers; hidden things come to light.