12 But when Gallio became the Roman governor of Achaia, the unbelieving Jews made a concerted attack on Sha'ul and took him to court,
13 saying, "This man is trying to persuade people to worship God in ways that violate the Torah."
14 Sha'ul was just about to open his mouth, when Gallio said to the Jews, "Listen, you Jews, if this were a case of inflicted injury or a serious crime, I could reasonably be expected to hear you out patiently.
15 But since it involves questions about words and names and your own law, then you must deal with it yourselves. I flatly refuse to judge such matters."
16 And he had them ejected from the court.
17 They all grabbed Sosthenes, the president of the synagogue, and gave him a beating in full view of the bench; but Gallio showed no concern whatever.